Quicker access to payments accounts for Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian refugees can now upon arrival in the Netherlands open a bank account more smoothly. Dutch providers of payments accounts are now ready for the arrival of larger numbers of Ukrainian refugees. With this payment account refugees can for example receive allowances for living expenses or salary and make payments. Every payment account has an IBAN number, a payment card and the option for online banking through an application. Also international payments are facilitated.


A dedicated page on the websites of the Dutch Payments Association and the Dutch Banking Association contains practical information, advice and instructions. This also includes the links to the information pages of the individual payment providers, such as banks, where a payment account can be opened either by the refugee in person or by an aid worker.

Providers of payment accounts will always request a valid Ukrainian biometric passport or identity card and often also the Dutch citizen service number (burgerservicenummer – BSN). Municipalities will take care of the registration of Ukrainian refugees upon arrival in the Netherlands and provide them with a Dutch citizen service number.

Refugees that cannot open a payment account, for example because they don’t have a valid passport, will be able to receive a temporary prepaid card from the municipality where they reside. The municipality will be able to provide through the prepaid card allowances for living expenses. This will allow the person to pay for example the daily necessities.

Betaalvereniging Nederland - Ukraine (EN)