Dutch banks continue to support businesses during the corona pandemic

Dutch banks continue to support businesses during the corona crisis. Since the publication of our last Corona Monitor mid-December, the total amount of financing has increased with 5.5 billion euros.


The details are displayed in the first Corona Monitor factsheet of 2021, published by the Dutch Banking Association (NVB). While the amount of loan provisioning by banks remains stable, banks note a less positive outlook in sectors which are affected by the lock down. Businesses have been exhausting their financial reserves for a long time and have accumulated more debt.

Since the Corona crisis outbreak in March, Dutch banks have offered additional credits to almost 48,000 businesses, with a combined value of 35.5 billion euros. In 2020, 129,000 companies received a postponement of loan repayments from their bank, totalling 3.1 billion euros. This concerns the general payment break which was initiated by banks shortly after the start of the corona crisis early last year. In total, 38.6 billion euros has been made available for 177,000 entrepreneurs through the postponement of repayments and the provision of additional credit to companies.

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