Chris Buijink starts second term as President

Chris Buijink has been President of the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) since 1 June 2013 and starts his second 4-year term June 1st.

At the end of last year the NVB members approved the Board’s proposal for a new term of office for the NVB President. “I’m very pleased,” says Buijink. “My work is not yet finished. The challenges and the dynamics in the banking sector are immense. Much has happened in the sector, including in areas such as capital, culture and customer interests. But there’s still a lot to be done when you look at future challenges, in particular in the areas of technological developments in banking and new players in the field, and the contribution of banks to sustainable economic growth. We’re now working hard to improve our reputation amongst all of our stakeholders: consumers, government, business community, interest groups and regulators. That’s a long-term matter. The tens of thousands of employees in our sector have to feel valued and proud of their profession. We have to make it really cool for young people to work at a bank”.