Banks’ support to businesses in the context of COVID-19 increases to 53.5 billion euros

In the last month, bank credit provided to businesses has increased from 51.1 billion to 53.5 billion euros. Since the Corona crisis, Dutch banks have offered additional credits to more than 59,000 businesses, with a combined value of 53.5 billion euros. This is displayed in the fifth Corona Monitor of this year, published by the Dutch Banking Association (NVB).


From the 53.5 billion euros, 3.4 billion euros have been provided with a guarantee by the government, such as the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme (BMKB-C), the Corporate Finance Guarantee (GO-C), the Credit Guarantee Scheme for Agriculture (BL-C) and the Small Credits for Corona guarantee scheme (KKC). More than 8300 companies have received a loan with a government guarantee.    

Chris Buijink, President of the NVB: “Banks support their clients, from the small to the large ones. Most loans are provided to smaller businesses. From the credits displayed in the monitor, 60% concern a loan of less than 250 thousand euros. Not many customers have problems with repaying their loans. This can be explained by the continuation of support measures by the Dutch government and the extended refund scheme for deferred taxes.”

“We are now entering a new phase where entrepreneurs are starting to look to the future again. Banks also stand ready to support entrepreneurs during the recovery phase. The government has announced that the BMKB-C, KKC and GO-C can be applied more widely in this recovery phase. The guarantee schemes can help businesses to make the investments needed for their recovery. This will particularly be relevant for those sectors which have been hit hard by the Corona crisis and where many entrepreneurs have been exhausting their financial reserves for more than 1,5 years,” says Buijnk.

Payment break

Last year, 129,000 companies received a postponement of loan repayments from their bank, totalling 3.1 billion euros. This concerns the general payment break which was initiated by banks shortly after the start of the corona crisis early last year. In total, 55.6 billion euros has been made available for 188,000 entrepreneurs through the postponement of repayments and the provision of additional credit to companies. A loan repayment break can still be provided on a case-by-case basis.


Banks also do not see large numbers of consumers with payment problems. This is partly due to the support measures and payment breaks offered by the government and businesses. Banks have not yet observed any consequences regarding the payment of mortgages or consumer loans amongst customers that have been affected by the Corona crisis. In addition, certain groups of customers have been saving considerably more during the crisis. This all shows that the Corona crisis has impacted the Dutch citizens very differently. The government has extended fiscal support measure for payment breaks that banks can provide on an individual basis until 31 October 2021.

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